Users do not have First Amendment rights to post whatever they desire on websites, owned by others. But website owners have First Amendment rights to moderate content by any means desired by the website owners. That's how I managed my message board for 16 years. That's how the big social media silos function.

It's absurd to view the silos any other way. Disgruntled users who incorrectly claim that they are being censored have the freedom to start their own websites and manage content however they desire.

Under the First Amendment, platforms have the right to moderate their online platforms however they like, and under Section 230, they’re additionally shielded from some types of liability for their users’ activity. It’s not one or the other. It’s both.

Politicians are unqualified to discuss technology. It can only mean bad things for everyone when politicians get involved with tech, especially scary thinkers like senator Ted Cruz.

More scary political thinking.