Alternatives to Using Google for Web Searching

created Apr 8, 2019

Obviously, DuckDuckGo is the most popular alternative web search engine, not owned by a big corporation. Russia-based Yandex is well-known to many users.

This Hacker News thread, which was started today, mentioned other search engines or websites that could be fun to use.

It seems that Google is forgetting the old web that pointed to this article

HN comment by kickscondor who is an IndieWeb advocate.

While it's become impossible to browse the wider Web with Google, it's getting a bit easier elsewhere.

A few helpful search engines:

A recent movement to build personal Yahoo!-style directories:

The above resources are focused on general blogging and personal websites - for software and startups, I would refer to the appropriate 'awesome' directories. ( or

If you know of any more, please list them - a small group of us are collecting these and trying to encourage new projects.

HN user replied:

Wiby seems amazing - the first three surprise me links were a human powered ornithopter, lego maniacs and a guide to knife throwing. Thank you for sharing!

How do I get updates on the groups project?

kickscondor replied:

The group mostly converses on I cover the various conversations and new discoveries on my site ( Do you just want to follow along? Or do you have some ideas to share? This is a very new group that has sprung up in the last few months.

Another comment:

There's also Kenneth Goldsmith's UbuWeb, a curated directory of (hard or impossible-to-find) avant-garde art, music, writing, video. Launched in 1996.

Other search engines:

Any alternative web search service that does not index Pinterest is a tremendous improvement over Google.

Related links, mentioned in that HN thread: ---

Somewhat related conversations occurred in this March 2019 HN thread Society Needs an Alternative Web

People who hobby blog and don't expect to make money, nevertheless want to have some audience. They might be creating content for the benefit of a community.

However, discoverability has plunged because of changes in the way Google works, as I have found with blogs based on some of my special interests. Even when one searches for the exact words that appear in posts, Google might not show them at all! (DDG is often not much better.)

So, when people create detailed, useful content and find they are getting no visits at all, this is discouraging.