More Links - Sun, Apr 7, 2019

Clearing off Safari tabs on my phone.

The Third Phase of Clean Energy Will Be Most Disruptive Yet (

How Apps on Android Share Data with Facebook (2018) (

Show HN: Water.css – A just-add-css collection of styles to make websites nicer (

Chrome, Safari, and Edge to Prevent Disabling of Click Tracking Privacy Risk (

Dieter Rams designed products to last, is horrified how we throw things away (

Overview of differential equations [video] (

Linux-based 4G phones with Google Assistant sold for $7 in Indonesia (

Show HN: Bsed – Simple, English syntax on top of Perl text processing (

ECG app and irregular rhythm notification on Apple Watch (

Apple Watch detects irregular heart beat in large U.S. study (

Show HN: Baxx – Unix-friendly backup service (

Society Needs an Alternative Web (

A solar-powered, self-hosted version of Low-Tech Magazine (

The Web We Broke (

Graying Out (