buttondown.email Newsletter As A Service

created Mar 22, 2019

This week, I read these two greate articles about email newsletters.

Craig's article mentioned a few email newsletter services, including the popular TinyLetter, which I tested in early 2018. I liked TinyLetter.

But yesterday and today, I tested Buttondown. If I decide to offer an email newsletter to family and friends that point to select posts that I made here at sawv.org, then I will use this service.


Thus far, I have enjoyed Buttondown's features and UI/UX. This is a great use of client-side JavaScript. Well done.

Buttondown's editor permits me to use Markdown, although I prefer to use little to no HTML formatting in my emails.

I tested the emails in my accounts at Fastmail, Gmail, and Riseup.net. The Riseup.net account blocks all HTML and images, except for links. For some reason, spacing is not preserved when the message is viewed in Riseup. But I can force a blank line by using Markdown's representation for the HTML tag <hr>.

The following text format displays the best in all three email accounts.

Recent posts of interest at sawv.org.


"Manifesto for Lightweight Web Pages"


I'll let others explain the frustrations and solutions by excerpting from links that I have collected, along with adding my own thoughts. Some aspects of each topic could appear in other pages. Overlap.


"Favorite Articles about Web Design"


It's hard to narrow it down to a Top-10, but I'll try to cull my favorites from my manifesto collection of links.


"Bicycling in Toledo"


As much as I would like to bicycle around Toledo especially from West Toledo to downtown, I don't think that I have the nerve today.


"Recap of the June 27, 2015 Weather Event"


On Saturday, June 27, 2015, the Toledo area experienced one of the most bizarre storms that I have ever seen around here. Some nicknamed the event Tropical Storm Toledo.

If I send an email newsletter, I would send it every two or three weeks and not weekly. I would include links to a handful of my website posts. I would also include at least a brief summary of the post and maybe the title of the post too like I did above.