More pulse rate stats.

9:00 pm sat, mar 16, 2019 = in the 50s. 55 to 59.

I ate two slices of Zingerman's country miche bread for dinner on Saturday evening after 8pm.

Dirarhea around 9pm and 1am on Mar 17.

Pulse rate higher late Saturday night. Stomach gurgled loudly after eating the plain bread and drinking green tea from tea bag. Stomach got bloated.

1:13 am Sun Mar 17, 2019 pulse rate was 14 to 16 beats per 10 seconds. Checked it twice. 84 to 96 beats per minute. Pulse rate is about what it was 24 hours ago but I feel worse now compared to 24 hours ago. Stomach now very unsettled. It's like I can't eat solid food yet.

Around 3 pm on Sat I ate a good bit of canned chicken noodle soup with the noodles this time. My stomach started gurgling shortly thereafter. We left around 4:20 pm from sugar springs for Toledo. My stomach gurgled a lot during most of the drive. We stopped at Z for bread at 7pm. I was ready to eat bread. Excellent bread. But I got full faster than I expected. Stomach started gurgling immediately. I should have stopped eating.

I need to stick with water and small amounts of chicken broth.

3:48 am sun mar 17 2019

Pulse down some to 65 to 70 beats per minute which is slightly above normal. I feel better compared to 3 to 4 hours ago. My stomach is still bloated but not as bed as a few hours ago. My body temp has stabilized back to normal. I'm not cold. I'm warm because the house heat is too high. I cracked open a window in the bedroom. I'm wearing my normal sleep wear: only boxer shorts.

11:40 am sun mar 17 2019

Pulse 9 to 10 beats per 10 seconds. Approx 55 to 60 beats per minute. Checked while seated in living room. Got up from bed about 20 minutes ago. Stomach no longer bloated with discomfort. I'm eating toast. Small amount. Z bread. Only half slice since a slice is around 12 inches long. Light amount peanut butter and cranberry butter. Let's see if stomach gets bloated.