Links and Notes - Mon, Mar 11, 2019

9:33 a.m.

Sunny morning. Light wind. Much, much better compared to yesterday's Wind Advisory day. Too many big wind events over the past month.

Mar 11, 2019 8:52 am EDT
Weather : Fair
Temperature : 31 F
Humidity : 69%
Wind Speed : W 12 mph
Barometer : 30.24 in
Dewpoint: 22 F
Visibility : 10.00 statute miles
Wind Chill : 22 F

Date and Time: 09:30 AM, Mon, Mar 11, 2019
Summary: Clear
Air Temp: 32 F
Dew Point: 24 F
Humidity: 72 %
Wind Direction: West-Northwest
Wind Speed: 2 mph
Wind Gust: 7 mph
Apparent Air Temp: F
Pressure: 30.26 inches
UV Index: Low : 1.0
Cloud Cover: 14 % : Mostly Clear
Precip Probability: 0 %
Precip Intensity: 0.0 : No Precip
Precip Type:
Visibility: 4.57 miles
Nearest Precip Distance: 76 miles
Nearest Precip Bearing: Northwest

Looks like a March, maple tree sap-flowing forecast. Maple syrup season. Above freezing during the day and below freezing at night.

Toledo 7-day forecast
Last Update: Mar 11, 2019 6:39 am

Today: Partly sunny, then gradually becoming sunny, with a high near 42. West wind 13 to 16 mph.

Tonight: Mostly clear, with a low around 21. West wind 5 to 10 mph.

Tuesday: Sunny, with a high near 42. Calm wind becoming southwest around 6 mph in the morning.

Tuesday Night: Partly cloudy, with a low around 30. Southeast wind 3 to 5 mph.

Wednesday: A chance of rain and snow showers before noon, then a chance of rain showers. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 51. South wind 7 to 10 mph. Chance of precipitation is 40%. Little or no snow accumulation expected.

Wednesday Night: A chance of showers and thunderstorms after midnight. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 48. Chance of precipitation is 50%. New rainfall amounts of less than a tenth of an inch, except higher amounts possible in thunderstorms.

Thursday: Scattered thunderstorms. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 67. Breezy. Chance of precipitation is 50%.

Thursday Night: Scattered thunderstorms before 11pm. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 42. Breezy. Chance of precipitation is 50%.

Friday: A chance of showers after 1pm. Partly sunny, with a high near 47. Chance of precipitation is 30%.

Friday Night: A chance of showers before midnight. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 28. Chance of precipitation is 30%.

Saturday: Partly sunny, with a high near 37.

Saturday Night: Partly cloudy, with a low around 24.

Sunday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 40.


Interesting. Media and others in the U.S. like to look to Europe (GDPR) for ideas about how Big Tech and other internet/web related issues should be regulated in the U.S.

But it's not surprising that Europe's ideals can go too far. And now publishers are upset.

The Press Association, Evening Standard, Independent and Reuters are among more than 200 publishing and music organisations across Europe calling on the European Parliament to adopt new copyright laws.

The copyright directive has already been agreed by all three EU political institutions, but must pass a final vote by a full meeting of the European Parliament at the end of this mont before member states will have two years to create national legislation to match.

If passed, it would mean online platforms could continue to share only “very short” news snippets before infringing the copyright of the publishers who produced the content, with provisions to stop news aggregators from abusing this.

Maybe AI can auto-generate summaries.

For a long time, I have considered television to be the worst medium for obtaining information. I do not watch local TV news. I'm surprised at how popular local, national network, and cable "new" programs are among people over the age of 40.

TV "news" is too slow for me. TV contains an infuriating amount of commercials.

TV "news" sensationalizes the info. TV news shows are more interested in theatrics. Text and audio news (radio, podcasts) are superior to TV news.

A TV news actor has a wee bit of a problem.

"Clips surface of Tucker Carlson's calls into Bubba the Love Sponge's radio show from 2006 to 2011, where he often spoke in vulgar terms about women and teen sex"

Apparently, the news actor called into the radio show many times over a five year period. How can chatting with someone named Bubba the Love Sponge ever go well? The Hulkster knows.

Media Matters unearthed the clips from Carlson’s weekly call-in, ranging from his time at MSNBC and then Fox News.

From 2006 to 2011, Tucker Carlson called into Bubba The Love Sponge radio show weekly to vent on a number of cultural and political topics du jour.

“I mean, I love women, but they’re extremely primitive, they’re basic, they’re not that hard to understand,” [Tucker] opined. “And one of the things they hate more than anything is weakness in a man.”

Okay. Not that it matters to me, but I don't see how he survives this. It was only last decade to eight years ago. He suddenly thinks differently now? Unlikely. How do companies continue to advertise on his show?

"Tucker Carlson Refuses to Apologize for ‘Naughty’ Past Comments About Statutory Rape, ‘C–ty’ Women"

"Joe Scarborough Chides Media Obsession with 'Latest Fad' AOC: She Only Got 15k Votes, Hillary Got 65 Million"

convenient distraction for the dems and a convenient boogeymen for the repubs and something for the media to cover. win-win-win.