test post made on thu, aug 9, 2018 after the browns preseason game ended. it seemed to go okay. but last year, the browns went 4-0 in preseason and 0-16 in the regular season.

last week, brid.gy stopped working with facebook after facebook made changes to its api. will twitter be next?


19:59 snarfed oh snap, twitter locked tantek's account

19:59 snarfed huh, looks fine on https://twitter.com/t

20:00 snarfed bridgy got this error: "To protect our users from spam and other malicious activity, this account is temporarily locked. Please log in to https://twitter.com/ to unlock your account."
[jgmac1106] joined the channel

20:03 [jgmac1106] and it begins...this happened to me on SNAP, got a reply email asking me for explanation...never got a reply back. The end of Bridgy to Twitter draws closer

20:09 aaronpk wow

20:11 petermolnar whaat?

23:59 [tantek] But I wasn’t doing anything

23:59 [tantek] In fact I was on a transatlantic flight!

i think that i will make this my logo for sawv.org, but i should have someone with skills to make it. the colors were inspired by the Golden-winged Warbler.