New IndieWeb-based Feed Reader in Development

created Jan 2, 2018

In my timeline, I saw this post.

I'd love to see @evergreen_mac support the broader #IndieWeb via Micropub and Microsub! We're doing that in Together –

From the GitHub page for Together:

The future home of the together project: an IndieWeb environment for reading, discovering, and interacting with content. You might call it a reader.

This is a React based frontend prototype. Currently for rapid experimentation and not in any sort of finished state. This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.

From the IndieWeb reader page

A reader (or indie reader) in the context of the indieweb is the portion/feature integrated into an indieweb site that provides a way to read content from other indieweb sites, possibly including posts from the current site as well.

Jan 8, 2018

Jan 9, 2018

cannot install nodejs because my old linux mint computer uses a "petra" distribution and nodejs does not support petra.

i need at least version 4 of nodejs to be able to install yarn, which is also required by Together.

jeesh. forget it. i'll stick with the web-based for real feed reading, and i'll stick with for indieweb testing, since woodwind supports micropub.

together looks slick in the above video, but i'll have to pass for now.

March 2018

I noticed this on Together's GitHub repo readme page.

Together is a React based application. To use it, you'll need a website that supports Micropub, IndieAuth and Microsub.

My Wren web publishing app supports MicroPub and IndieAuth, but I don't see a reason, yet, to support Microsub.