Tinted Glass Sunlight During Aug 21, 2017 Partial Eclipse

At the height of the Aug 21, 2017 partial eclipse, which was around 2:20
p.m. EDT, I think, the sky was sunny. We got lucky because it had been
cloudy for about an hour, but the sky cleared around 2:00 p.m.

For us, the sun was around 80 percent covered by the moon. The sunlit
landscape looked different in an odd way. It seemed like looking through
lightly tinted glass or like looking at a photo that had a tinted filter

It was still plenty bright out, but the sunshine was noticeably dimmed a
little. Interesting.

This was the third partial eclipse that I remember. I think that the
others occurred in 1984 and 1994.

On Apr 8, 2024, Toledo is in the path for a total eclipse. Early April
weather in the Great Lakes can be all over the place, since it's close
enough to March. We could be sunny and in the 60s or snowing and in the

This is a test post, but I added a real photo and real text. What the
heck. I created this post from my Fastmail email account. The email is
sent to an address provided by the quill.p3k.io Micropub editor after I
logged into Quill via IndieAuth and my sawv.org website.

To this email, I added my Wren web publishing commands dir and syn.

The dir command tells Wren to create the post in the year-month-day

The syn command was followed by twitter, which tells Wren to syndicate
this post to my Twitter account, which is jr_sawv.

Wren sends a Webmention to brid.gy, which forwards on the post to my
Twitter account. I registered my Twitter account and my website at
brid.gy. That's how brid.gy knows where to send what.

Interesting travels.

Whew. Let's see if it works.

Oh, this email post also contains an embedded photo that I took with my
iPhone on Aug 21, 2017, and I uploaded to my Flickr account. I grabbed
the URL to the jpeg file and embedded in this email by using the HTML
img tag. And on the image tag, I added the Microformats class
u-photo, which tells brid.gy to post the photo at Twitter too.

the end.