Warbler Description

I like community websites where people gather for online discussions. That's why I launched my message board Toledo Talk in January 2003, and it continues today.

In 2017, I created code that I called Warbler, which is a message board where all thread starter posts and comments are Webmentions.

My test website is found at http://warbler.soupmode.com and the production website exists at http://kleete.com, although kleete is also used by me, mainly for testing.

A Webmention is a cross-site communication idea, espoused by the IndieWeb community. It may remind some of the trackback and pingback functionality that many blog sites offered back in the aught years.

A protocol describes how Webmentions are sent and received, but website owners who receive Webmentions can display them however they desire.

More info about the Webmention can be found at:

From the IndieWeb:

Webmention is a web standard for mentions and conversations across the web, a powerful building block that is used for a growing federated network of comments, likes, reposts, and other rich interactions across the decentralized social web.

Users create their Webmention posts on their own public websites or web presences. Then they copy the URLs for their posts and paste them into Warbler.

If authors' CMS supports sending Webmentions, then their code can access the Warbler Webmention API endpoint.

A user's Webmention post is considered the source URL. This post must contain the URL of the Warbler post that the author is responding to, which is called the target URL.

To start a new thread, the target URL is

To reply to a new thread, the target URL is

If the user's Webmention post does not contain the appropriate target URL, then the Webmention will be rejected.

A Webmention post can be submitted only once to a target URL and/or to the site overall.

New posts are displayed immediately. To limit the possibility for spam, Warbler implements throttling for the entire website and for each author's domain name. A post from any domain name is accepted at most once every 60 seconds. A post from any specific author's domain name is accepted at most once every five minutes.

At Warbler, only the first 300 characters of a Webmention post are displayed, if the post is that long. And at Warbler, HTML is removed.

The display of each post at Warbler contains a link to the original post, hosted on the author's website.

Hopefully, readers click the links to read the entire posts, hosted at the personal websites. It could lead to the discovery of many new bloggers and independent web publishers. This activity could encourage more people to buy domain names and manage their own websites.

The Webmention protocol and Warbler are not a replacement for anything that currently exists.