IndieWeb Testing

created Jul 6, 2017

Today, I moved over my new Wren code from my development server to the server. I need to test the following IndieWeb-related functions:

  1. log into with indieauth - success
  2. test microformats - h-card and h-entry - success
  3. create a note type of post - no title - success
  4. receiving webmentions - success
  5. sending webmentions - using wren command reply_to : [url] - success
  6. syndicating to twitter - using wren command syn_to : twitter - must FIRST register website at, connecting boghop to twitter account. - success
  7. replying to another tweet with the microformat u-in-reply-to - success
  8. posting to twitter with post containing an embedded photo, using the img html tag and the microformat u-photo - success
  9. use micropub client to create new articles, notes, and replies. unable to login. receiving error: "The 'me' you entered does not match the 'me' received from your token endpoint." i tried to login with and that failed too even though i have been publishing from with the for the past few weeks. i successfully logged into micropub client and reader via indieauth. i won't test this client because it doesn't seem to function as well as the other clients. i also successfully logged into the wiki with the domain name. i'm guessing that is having a problem as of jul 6, 2017.
  10. use micropub client quill to create new articles (wren's version) success, notes success, and replies success.
  11. test quill's post by email to boghop. success
  12. test replying from within the feed reader, which is a micropub client. unable to test now because is not working. it has not functioned properly for least nine days. it's now jul 6, 2017. code is available for download, but i'll pass for now on that.
  13. send webmention where the reply post contains the p-summary microformat that surrounds the opening paragraph or two. success


testing services:


  1. simply logged in by entering this website's url.
  2. "This representative h-card was found on your site:" - "Success! We found the following post h-entry on your site:" - h-entry success for both article and note type of posts.
  3. and
  4. and
  5. and
  6. --
  7. and and
  8. and
  9. 9
  10. and and and =
  11. formatted wonky because of the email client or quill. prob email.
  12. 12
  13. replying to

on july 7, 2017, i installed the omnibear chrome browser extension that is a micropub client. it worked. interesting.