Cleveland Browns Stockpiling Draft Picks for 2017-2018

created Mar 10, 2017

Mar 10, 2017 - Pro Football Talk - Browns have nine Top 65 picks in next two drafts

The Browns had more picks in the 2016 NFL draft than any other team. But their 2016 haul is nothing compared to what they have in 2017 and 2018.

After yesterday’s Brock Osweiler trade, the Browns now have a whopping eight picks in the first two rounds of the next two drafts, as well as the first pick in the third round this year, for a whopping nine Top 65 picks in 2017 and 2018.

Browns drafts picks as of today, subject to change with possible future trades:

The analytics people running the Browns have prioritized acquiring future draft picks, and they’ve done it masterfully. No team in the NFL has anything close to the draft capital the Browns have over the next two years. The question, of course, is what the Browns will do with all those picks.

Or will the Browns squander those picks with bad players? Having a lot of picks is no guarantee of success.

The Browns record over the past several years is proof that having a lot of first round picks is no guarantee of success.

Yesterday's Brock Osweiler trade by the Browns is confusing if the reports are true that the Browns may release Brock, yet the Browns would still have to pay Brock his $16 million contract. That's a lot of money to pay for a second round draft pick, which Cleveland received from Houston in the deal.

The Browns are well below the salary cap, but this cuts into that cap if Cleveland has no plans to play Brock. Strange. I guess this will make sense from an analytical standpoint. Eventually. It's a chess move. The Browns management is looking multiple moves ahead. Hopefully.

Cle - Hou Mar 9 trade

Mar 9, 2017 - Pro Football Talk - Texans ship Brock Osweiler and a second-round pick to Cleveland

How big a mistake did the Texans make when they signed Brock Osweiler last year? So big that they’re giving up a second-round draft pick to get out from under his contract.

Why is Cleveland the dumping ground for everyone else?

Osweiler is being shipped to Cleveland, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports. The compensation? The Texans have to give the Browns a 2018 second-round draft pick and a 2017 sixth-round pick. The Browns ship a 2017 fourth-round pick to Houston.

That’s right, the Texans are trading Osweiler away and giving up better draft picks than they’re getting back, just to get the Browns to take Osweiler’s contract off their hands.

That was a deal too good for Houston to ignore.

The move will save the Texans $10 million in cap space. The Browns have plenty of cap space and can afford Osweiler’s contract.

Whether Osweiler will be able to start for the Browns remains to be seen, but this trade isn’t about the Browns liking Osweiler. It’s about the Texans wanting so badly to get rid of him that they think he has negative value.

Tony Grossi's Mar 10, 2017 story

Funnyball in action: So when does the next shoe drop in the Browns’ bizarre trade with the Houston Texans? When is the announcement planned to introduce Jimmy Garoppolo? What’s that? All those media insiders are right, after all? New England coach Bill Belichick isn’t trading his backup quarterback? OK, fine. So when is the announcement planned to introduce Kirk Cousins?

Because, surely the next shoe to drop has to involve a final solution to the Browns’ franchise-strangling quarterback situation. Right?

That has got to be the end game of a trade hailed as so brilliantly creative that it sent league guardians rushing to the rule book to check the legality. A trade so baffling that it takes a Harvard Law graduate to explain it. A trade in which "Moneyball" guru Paul DePodesta schooled the prehistoric NFL on something NBA teams have been doing for years.

The Browns cleaned up a huge mess the Houston Texans made for themselves a year ago. They relieved the Texans of humongous quarterback bust Brock Osweiler and his embarrassingly outrageous contract in exchange for Houston’s second-round pick in 2018.

Because the Browns willingly inherited Osweiler’s $16 million guaranteed salary for 2017 without intending to put him on the field, they essentially ate up $16 million of their ridiculous $100 million in salary cap room for a pick in 2018 that figures to be late in the second round.

Another Grossi story Browns are feeling sobering impact of 1-15 in early stages of free agency

More Cle deals

Mar 9, 2017 Grossi tweet

Browns today have guaranteed $55.2 million to guards Joel Bitonio & Kevin Zeitler.

Mar 9, 2017 Adam Schefter tweet

Former Bengals G Kevin Zeitler expects to sign with Cleveland, per sources. Big day for Browns O line. Highest paid guard in NFL history.