Movie Night at the Valentine Theatre

created on Feb 21, 2017

We like watching old movies in the winter at the restored, historic, and elegant Valentine Theatre, located in downtown Toledo. The theatre also shows live events too, such as musicals, opera, etc.

For the theatre's Silver Screen Classic series, movie night costs $5 per person. The lobby area sells boxes of popcorn, candy, and alcohol. I normally buy a box a popcorn and a gin and tonic. That's a fun way to watch a movie in a grand old theatre.

Prior to the movie beginning, the theatre always shows Tom and Jerry cartoons.

For last Fri evening, Feb 17, 2017, my wife and I watched the movie To Catch a Thief, starring Grace Kelly and Cary Grant. It was the first time that I had seen the movie. Deb and I enjoyed it. We liked the funny, campy dialogue.

The theatre interject an intermission, during the movie to drag the evening out a bit more and, of course, to allow people to visit the bar again.

It's fun time. A few years ago, we watched The Breakfast Club at the Valentine. Some people dressed up like the characters. Many in the audience shouted out the lines. Interactive.

Each December, the Valentine Theatre shows It's a Wonderful Life, which usually packs the theatre.

Upcoming movies: