Local urban farmer passed away

created on Jan 28, 2017

This morning while shopping at the Toledo Farmers market, I noticed a picture-framed announcement about the passing of Selby Thames who farmed in East Toledo and sold his goods regularly at the market.

The sign was placed at table location where Selby sold his produce during the winter. He was regular vendor through the most or all of the year. I occasionally purchased carrots from him.

I didn't notice the posting during my other market visits this month, and I thought that I saw Selby at the market in December.

He was 84-years-old. He did what he loved up to the end.

Spring 2016 Blade posting that mentioned Selby: one and two.

Selby Thames, 83, grows a variety of vegetables in several large beds: "You name it, I plant it".

In 1940, he plowed some of this area for an uncle and, as he says, "I'm still farming".

Last year wasn't a good year for him, with rain drowning seeds: "plant again, and the same thing happened".

He has snow peas in and is set to get them growing. ‘I’ll have it up, if it’s God’s will.’

Selby Thames, of Toledo, after tilling his gardens on York Street in east Toledo on April 25, 2016.

Blade photo.