Downtown Toledo Businesses and Parking

created Jan 23, 2017

Every so often, the topic of parking at downtown Toledo or anywhere in the city bubbles up at Below are my comments posted in a thread on Jan 23, 2017.

Another user posted:

If you spend hardly any time in downtown Toledo, youll notice there is plenty of parking available within a reasonable walking distance .....that includes weekend nights.

My first comment:

Define "reasonable walking distance."

When visiting Black Cloister, we normally park along Erie Street. But when the Hens are playing a home game, or if the Huntington arena is hosting an event, then street parking can be unavailable in that immediate area.

I'm not going to pay a parking lot owner their event price. We simply move on to Uptown and visit something along Adams Street, which can be less crowded, or we go to Mutz.

But if we want to visit the Black Cloister on a busy downtown evening, then I'll park at the lot next to the Paula Brown Shop, which I consider to be within reasonable walking distance, but it's possible that many people would consider that to be too far of a walk.

Another user posted:

Kind of odd to have to debate "parking available within a reasonable walking distance" for a bar that within probably 100 footsteps of three parking garages, with a fourth under construction.

My second comment:

Do people actually do that in Toledo, park in a parking garage just to visit a bar?

If I want to visit a bar, I'll stay home and walk four or five blocks to the Orchard Inn, which we do. We like the Orchard Inn.

I'll park in the parking garage when dining at Registry Bistro.

I have friends in DC and Chicago that have to walk over a half mile to get to a subway stop to get to work.

It seems more reasonable to compare Toledo to cities (or MSAs) that have similar population numbers and maybe even a similar climate. Compare us to Fort Wayne or Buffalo.

List of United States cities by population :

For the cities listed above, only Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and Toledo are shown to have lost population since 2010.

Some people in Toledo are just lazy.

In a town, such as Toledo that has a fine history in automobile manufacturing, it's possible that area residents enjoy their vehicles.

Old TT threads:

Evidence suggests that Toledo area residents lean toward the lazy-side, regarding walking or any exercise.

Inactivity is the issue. Toledo-area residents have struggled with it for years, and it is one of the main reasons obesity continues to be a chronic problem and why Lucas County ranks in 73rd place out of 88 Ohio counties in health outcomes.

WalletHub, a Web-based personal finance company that conducts a number of lifestyle studies, ranked Toledo as the eighth-worst locale out of the 100 most populated cities in the nation when it comes to residents leading an active life.

Only 26 percent of the city’s residents reported [exercising] regularly.

With so many dining and drinking options all around the city, people move on. If we want to visit artists making beer, and street parking is non-existent near the Black Cloister, then we drive to South Toledo and visit Earnest Brew Works.

The fact that downtown is busy, parking wise, is a good thing. We don't mind going elsewhere.

If someone opens a taproom in West Toledo, that would reduce our downtown Toledo visits some.