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Reading through this Toledo Talk post from October 2007 titled [[Reporting on the San Diego County fires]], saw this section Network News in a Box and found this unused open, wiki https://newsinabox.jottit.com/. That wiki's home page was munged, but it was easily reverted back to a former, valid state. Now saving some of those page here. It was interesting info in the fall of 2007.


Network News in a Box

Creating a free grassroots news collection/distribution tool in response to breaking news events

Creating an Instant Grassroots Driven Network

(Wiki site created by Gabe Wachob )

What is this

This site is to document the tools and process used to create the sandiegofire twitter account. The next time there is a large scale breaking news event for which eyewitness and other reports are not otherwise easily consolidated, the mechanism discussed here could be deployed within minutes. Twitter could be a instant news channel for eyewitness reports and other important info.

What was built for the San Diego Fires twitter?

1) Chris Messina suggested that various tweeters giving first hand accounts or other info use the "hashtag" #sandiegofire. This would allow users to "track #sandiegofire" and be given realtime SMS or XMPP IMs for these updates. Several tweeters such as Nate Ritter began tweeting very heavily using this tag.

2) Numist, on the freenode IRC network, created a twitter/XMPP -> IRC bot for those in the #sandiegofire IRC channel to get consolidated updates - he added both #sandiegofire hashtag track feed as well as certain other tweeters, such as KPBS that did not use the hashtag.

3) Gabe Wachob asked if there was a URL on the web that non-techie people could be sent for seeing the consolidated list of tweets. After a brief discussion with Blaine Cook @ Twitter, it was decided that the IRC bot simply post the consolidated tweets to a newer Twitter account

Source code and Schematics

Other Uses


Architecture Diagram

This diagram is in ascii art so it is editable in the wiki! Do not delete this line.

      TWITTER FEEDS                            NEWS BOT                 OUTPUT STREAMS
      +-----------------------+                (called p5py)
      |                       |
      |  #sandiegofire track  |
      |                       |
      +-----------------------+                +-----------+         \  +-----------------------------+
                                               |           |     XMPP \ |                             |
                                               |           +----------->|  twitter.com/sandiegofire  |
      +-----------------------+            \   |           |          / |                             |
      |                       |   XMPP      \  |   News    |         /  +-----------------------------+
      |  KPBS Feed            |  ------------> |    Bot    |
      |                       |             /  |           |
      +-----------------------+            /   |           |         \  +-----------------------------+
                                               |           |     IRC  \ |                             |
                                               |           +----------->|    freenode/#sandiegofire   |
      +-----------------------+                |           |          / |                             |
      |                       |                +-----------+         /  +-----------------------------+
      |  Other Feeds          |
      |                       |


Aggregated Citizen News Network (ACNN)



What we need:

Strictly speaking, the needs reflect what it takes to create a web site which would enable citizen journalists, programmers, and others to publish media quickly and easily during crisis periods

What we have:


Please add your name, email, and what you can provide to the bottom of this list

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